A Poem For Grandma


Hardest thing I ever had to do
Was see you when you’re not you

The one who always took care of me
Never letting me down
Now it’s breaking my heart to see
How life has turned around

Not a crisis I have gone through
Where you weren’t by my side
All the lessons I learned from you
Will always be a source of pride

My boys will always know
How their Grandma loved them so
Holding each memory they hold dear
All we have once you’re not here

The biggest regret that comes to mind
Is how I’ve wasted 32 years time
I could’ve done more with life to make you proud
I’ll be sure to make you smile once you’re watching from the clouds

As my time with you comes to an end
Please know that I will never forget
My Grandmother, teacher and friend.

When your time comes for you to reach the other side
Tell my Nana that I said hi.

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