Class Trip to the Farm-A short story by an imaginative 7 year old

Last week I was in the mood to look through my box of keepsakes. In it I keep all the cards I’ve received over the years, family photos, and school mementos of the kids. And I happened to run across this gem:


A short story my son wrote for me when he was into activities other than the video game. Lol He used to sit beside me as I wrote and write his own stories. I believe he was about 6 or 7 when he wrote this.

It is a conversation between two friends and he did not use a single he said, she said so I hope you can follow along.  What he did use a lot of is ellipsis (…) so I’m guessing he had just discovered those when he wrote this.

Please Enjoy!!!

Class Trip to the Farm

“How was your class trip to the farm?”

“Oh…boring…kind of dull…until the cow started crying.”

“A cow…crying?”

“Yeah. You see a haystack fell on her.”

“But haystacks dont just fall over.”

“It does if a farmer runs into it with his tractor.”

“Oh come one. A farmer wouldn’t do that.”

“He would if he were busy yelling at the pigs to get off the bus.”

“What were the pigs doing on the bus?”

“Eating our lunches.”

“Why were they eating your lunches?”

“Because we threw their corn at each other and they didn’t have anything else to eat.”

“That makes sense. But why were you throwing corn?”

“Because we ran out of eggs.”

“Out of eggs? Why were you throwing eggs?”

“Because of the boa constrictor.”

“The boa constrictor?”

“Yeah. Jimmy’s pet boa constrictor.?

“What was Jimmy’s pet boa constrictor doing on the farm?”

“Oh he brought it to meet all the farm animals but the chickens didn’t like it.”

“You mean he took it into the hen house?”

“Yes and the chicks started squawking and flying around.”

“Go on…what happened?”

“Well, one hen got excited and laid an egg and it landed on Jenny’s head.”

“The hen?”

“No. The egg. And it broke-yack-all over her hair.”

“What did she do?”

“She got mad because she thought Tommy threw it so she threw one at him.”

“What did Tommy do?”

“He ducked and the egg hit Marianne in the face. So Marianne threw one at Jenng but she missed and hit Jimmy who dropped his boa constrictor.”

“Oh and I know what happened next. Everyone started throwing eggs right?”


“And when you ran out of eggs you threw the pigs corn right?”

“Right again.”

“Well, what finally stopped it.”

“Well, we heard the farmers wife screaming.”

“Why was she screaming?”

“We never found out because Mrs. Small made us get on the bus and we sort of left in a hurry without the boa constrictor.”

“I bet Jimmy was sad because he left his pet boa constrictor.”

“Oh not really, we left in such a hurry.”


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